How to Make Money Writing Articles

Thursday, January 29, 2009 |

Looking to start a part-time or even full time business, but have limited amount of money? Not a problem. You can make money a few ways even without a web site. If you

know information or can do some research and write about it, this is a great opportunity for you. I will give you some ways to make money as a freelance writer.

Writing for yourself part-time is a great opportunity. I do it in my spare time just to earn a little more cash. There are a few ways to make some extra cash such as, Bidding

on job postings for freelance writing jobs (can earn between $5 - $50 an article!), Submit your article to places (like that you earn points or

cash to submit articles and some times gifts, or you can write articles and signup for an affiliate program and earn money every time someone buys the product your

promoting. Lets get started.

1. Post articles to earn points / money. Web sites such as give you points and money for every article you post, most of the web sites

depend on how much money they make through advertising, so if you help promote your articles on these sites the more your points will be worth in the long run. I know also gives you points for refering other writers and people to signup for their free service. This is also a great place to find information on a lot of


2. Freelance writing and bidding for jobs. Search the internet for "freelance jobs," most web sites have a category just for copywriters and writers. Web sites are in need of

fresh content to keep their site a live and in the great eyes of the search engines that crawl their web sites daily. You can earn (depending on your bid and agreement)

between $5 - $50 an article and most of the listings are for multiple articles or even just message board posts. The most popular freelance job site out there is,

but it does cost money to be able to bid on projects, so I would go to other web sites that offer freelance jobs that costs nothing and see if this is something you really want

to do.

3. Signup for an affiliate program and write an article on the subject and promote the article through either step 1 or through other free article directories. Find a product that

you want to write about signup for the affiliate link and write at least a 500 word article on the subject. Then submit the article to as many "free article" directories where

other web sites can use your article to post on their web sites. By doing this it promotes your article for free and gives them free content, but why you might ask? Because

you can create a small resource box at the end of your article like the one at the end of this article with your affiliate link and every time someone clicks that link and signs

up for the product / service you make money and this can be an ongoing income. I have done this and it sometimes takes about 12 - 15 articles until you start to notice a

nice income through this means.

This is the top 3 ways a freelance writer can make some extra money just doing part time work with no hassle. It usually takes me about 15 - 30 minutes to write an article

on a subject that I know about, but I know that it will help my income for years to come.


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