Mechanism of effective strategic resource management in agriculture

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 |

From year to year on our planet the amount of resources, especially nonrenewable reduces with great temp. Their use is growing with a rapid progress. Especially it is noticeable in agriculture. After several technological revolutions development of this type of industry has reached considerable heights. According to this fact, amount of consuming resources has grown, including nonrenewable. This has resulted the need of establishment a mechanism of resource management. Mechanism of their management in the short term is clearly developed. Resource management in the long term is mostly chaotic. So today there is important problem to develop and improve the mechanism of strategic resource management in agriculture.

Resources of agriculture includes all the physical elements and components, using or processing or treatment of which leads to the expected result, which can be both product and service. Of course, the resources used in agriculture are converted into products - namely into food. When renewable resources are used in agricultural production, there is an existence of reserves for their future reuse. When using non-renewable - there are no reserves left. Therefore it is necessary to identify ways of managing resources for further efficiency.

Implementation of strategy management and its resources can not be achieved without constant intervention of executives of companies that should motivate other staff to work in the same spirit of the general chosen scheme of the work. The process of implementing the strategy is organizational and time-consuming and requires considerable mental stress. Mechanism for long-term management must be managed, ie, to clear and logical steps to implement the main idea. From last years, quite a lot of attention of economists-researchers is concentrated to study economic processes which takes place in agriculture.

In recent years there has been an increasingly growing role of this type of management because of the constant growth of world population and, consequently, increasing nutritional needs. Agriculture is the most ancient form of entrepreneurship. Since people have began making of agriculture and farming long before the invention of technology of metal processing. Until the mid-20th century, people don't wondered over to the resources of land, water, air can be used to dry out.

Therefore, their use was uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Natural resources used wasteful. Farm resources in a greater extent are nonrenewable. These electricity, natural gas, fertile soils used by enterprises - all these and many other natural resources are transformed into food. Accordingly based on the fact that data of food production are presented in statistical reports, we can analyze and determine how much natural resources spent on the production of agricultural enterprises. However, for such calculations we must take into account a considerable number of factors that affect the consumption of resources.

Thus, a high level of mechanization and automation significantly reduces the specific use of such natural resource as land, but uses more fuel and electricity. And, accordingly, on the contrary, with primitive agriculture land rather limited with possibility to give high yields, but not spent such a large amount of fuel and energy. During the industrial society, when stocks of non-renewable resources seemed inexhaustible, the industrialization of agriculture has reached its peak.

The using of heavy machinery and equipment for a small harvest was common practice. But today, when fuel stocks do not seem inexhaustible, and its value is growing in some countries began backsliding, when instead of modern technology uses cheap labor. So, today, when people make a choice of farming technology and food production entrepreneur will weigh especially on their maximum cheapness, but not correctness perspective of the proposed use. System of implementation of mechanism for strategic resource management in agriculture can be implemented both in Ukraine and in the United States.

The importance of its implementation will lead to a more rational management of resources in the long run. The result of the research will establish a mechanism for efficient use 342 of resources and their optimal allocation between various groups of companies, the creation of a unified system of global resource management and conservation.


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